My Crystal Ball has been at work……..

…..and I’d like to make a prediction. This years world champion will be Nico Rosberg!

I believe Nico Rosberg will become the third son of a champion to become a champion in 2011

My second prediction is McLaren will be constructors champions after a very close battle. And the reason Mercedes will lose out on the constructors title is due to Michael Schumacher being very inconsistent. In fact I predict Michael Schumacher will finish this season 5th in the standings.

I have reasoning behind these predictions, the main one being the extra development time that Mercedes have stolen over their rivals with their decision to concentrate on their 2011 car early, which worked for Ross Brawn a treat with their 2009 car, and also the fact that, under the radar, Nico Rosberg is a fantastic – very consistent – driver.

Just thought I’d put my prediction in writing so you can all hold me to it later.

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One Response to My Crystal Ball has been at work……..

  1. Dave says:

    Worth a few €’s

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